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About us

Jalakara Concierge Travel creates bespoke journeys into the heart and soul of India.  Our service is tailor made for discerning travellers who wish to immerse themselves in the magic and myriad possibilities of this many-faced country. Our service grew organically from our own travels around India; twenty years of exploring that informed and specified the creation of Jalakara, our pocket-sized piece of paradise in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.  Soon enough our guests in the Andaman Islands began to ask where else should they go in India to experience more of what we have created at          .      What started informally acquired its “concierge” moniker with the 2017 arrival of “Golden Keys” member Varun Sankaran Kutty.  A maverick majordomo with a contacts book that is second to none.  In 2018 we opened offices in New Delhi and London,  and it is from here that our small team now conjure, curate and coordinate our guests’ voyages through India & south asia.                                                                                      Marko Hill & Atalanta Weller Hill

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