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How we work

Our experaince fo working helping guestsover the last few years has lead us to understand that the best possible experaince is entirely differnt for every one.  For this reason we have developed two possible ways to support you on your travels.

Jalakara Concierge
Travel Bespoke 

The Full Trip

- you tell us what you are looking for be that Adventure and adrenalin , mystasism and self fulfullmant, relaxation, fun, wildlife and amazing memories, or all of the above, we will design your trip for you. 

- Book you the best hotel

- Arrange all your travel

- All your , block printing workshops to private palace tours.

- Jalakara Concierege travel club membership 24/7 assistance just a call away at all times

How we start

Every trip start with a phone call or an in person meeting.

Wether planning a trip costing $6000 or $60000 we need to start by asking a few exact questons so we can taylor the right experaince for you.  We know you are busy so we wont take up too much for your time, but once we have a good ideas of what you are looking we will create an itiniary for you to mull over, make alterations too then once confirmed with you we will confirm it all for you and send you a final itinitery . 

Jalakara Concierge
Travel Club

Go independent

Planning and researching your future adventures can be brilliant If you know where you are going and are happy to book your own hotels your half way there. 

JCTC is there to make sure the the boring bit in between dont become a drag, either on your  time before you leave or when you are on the move. 

We take care of

-Travel, A_B transfers or a private car for all or part of your travels, Train tickets, we have it covered.

- Unique experiances planned and executed.

- 24/7 phone assistance form our team of knowlegable Concierge who are on hand to help - from flight checkin to lost luggage our team of man fridays will be there to help.

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